Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder UK

It has already been well documented that Activated Charcoal Teeth powders work very well in whitening teeth. Since the first charcoal treatments were created there has been an explosion in the popularity of using Charcoal powder for teeth whitening.

As a specialist in teeth whitening kits using activated charcoal we are the first one’s to look at the different applications in which to administer the product and we have extensively, to ensure we offer the best products to our customers. As a consumer there are often many different brands to try however as a company we have been able to go to source and look at the raw products being used in the main brands available on the shelves.

To put it bluntly the powder works!

The activated charcoal powder is a very good product and from the products we have seen it has given users tremendous results. We have even done our own tests with our family members & friends with a colour chart and a 2 week period and the results were fantastic, we have actually published a video explaining what happened. You can check this out from our parent youtube account. Activated charcoal in the powder form gave some of our test subjects a 10 shade difference on the colour chart and that is something you should be telling your friends about!

charcoal teeth shade chart

But….. The powder is messy

The Charcoal powders available on the market are basically raw material and are hard to use. It is something you have to do at home and it can get every where (don’t wear white clothes when using!). We found contrary to other whitening treatments the powder is not a product you can use “on the go” or at the office, while out etc. The powder is simply for use while at home.

The powder is raw

You will often find the activated charcoal powder you can purchase from retailers is basically the raw material with little or nothing added to it which in many ways is a good thing however as the specialists in activated charcoal whitening we have inquired about all the products out there and found other applications to be more aggressive in the whitening potential due to other ingredients being introduced to the mix which you would find in other whitening products effectively leveraging the power of both whitening treatments in one go. The raw charcoal product is very effective but we feel we have found the best product out there!

The BIG question! Powder or Gel?

After our full investigation into the benefits of charcoal products the simple answer is Activated Charcoal Gel is the best product to use and is why we endorse it heavily at Charcoal Teeth Whitening UK.

The simple answer is you get the best results. The teeth whitening gel we offer has been infused with other whitening ingredients to make it by far a better product than the charcoal powder. We have tested both products rigorously and the gel ‘s we have chosen are by far the product which over all has given the whiten on the colour chart, this has been tested with users of different tooth density’s and general diets and each time the gel has been the best product. We have often found users see a difference in tooth shade in just 3 days which is unprecedented in other products.

It’s easier to use, lets be straight about this point, it is like a toothpaste, you put on the brush and well…. brush. It is as simple as that, if you carry a brush with you, you can do this at a restaurant or in a bar it really is that easy, so for us a t charcoal teeth whitening UK it is a big fat yes for the activated charcoal whitening gel.

Discover the amazing benefits of Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder and achieve a natural, healthy and glittering teeth without any hassle. Our charcoal teeth whitening powder is made up of highest quality ingredients and safe to use for whitening your teeth. Our teeth whitening powder can easily remove the teeth stains caused by plenty of factors like coffee, wine and restore your oral health quickly.

Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder is easy to use and help to reduce the factors which cause bad breath, cavities, and gum disease. Some of the advantages of using our charcoal teeth whitening powder are –

  • Whitens teeth naturally
  • Detoxifies mouth
  • Consolidates the Enamel
  • Remove the bad breath

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